Homeless in Arizona

My Will

  1) First and most important is my desire that that the government doesn't get any of my stuff. Nada, nunca, zippo, zero, nothing.

I have been terrorized, robbed, beaten and abused most of my life by government tyrants and I don't want the government to get any of my stuff when I die.

Sadly under Arizona law the state of Arizona will get most of my stuff unless I say otherwise.

And here I am saying otherwise.

I don't want the government to get any of my stuff when I die.

2) A long time ago when I lived in Tempe I made my will out to my brothers and sisters.

Back then they were poor and I was rich.

Now they are all rich and they don't need my money or stuff so I am not leaving my money or my stuff to them.

Of course now I am just a penniless homeless bum and of course I don't have anything to give anybody.

On the other hand if my brothers and sisters want any of the personal property I leave behind they can have it.

That is mostly computer books, tools and clothing and other stuff like that that isn't valuable.

3) I don't want any of my stuff to be given to any religious organization or religious group. Sadly the religions are just as bad as government groups and I don't want any superstitious dopes in a religious group to have my stuff.

4) I want all my valuables to be given to a charity or non-profit, non-government, non-religious entity that helps abused children.

Before I became homeless I used to have tons of money and valuables. But the government pretty much stole all the money I had and all the property I had making me a worthless and homeless bum.

Homeless in Arizona

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